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Monthly archive for February 2018

Cape Town Drought – Cockroach Alert

Believe it or not! The record-breaking Cape Town drought strikes once more.

Verminator Pest control service makes link between drought, increase in cockroaches – Weekend Argus

The city water supply has dwindled along with our green lawns and prized gardens, not to mention just the luxury of a nice soaking in a bath after a long hot sweaty day.

Enter the Big Ugly American Cockroach. They are searching for water sources, so they’re coming up from the hot dry sewers to discover wet zones to repopulate and gain access via our basins and toilets or simply through an open window or the front door.

When they discover a source in your home, they make a home in your home.

Cape Town Drought

Our Biggest Complaint the American Cockroach!

This season we are seeing the biggest flood of calls for the American cockroach in a very long time. The call-ins have spiked dramatically and people are complaining about them invading their homes everywhere, these scary roaches are even in people’s vehicles.

The American roach is discovered generally in waste pipes and sewers,  dissimilar to the small German cockroach which favours our living habitats invading eateries, hotels and peoples homes.

Open your sewer cover and chances are you will find the American cockroach, sometimes in enormous quantities and sooner than later you will be seeing one of these critters in your home.

American Cockroaches Feed on Fecal Matter

The Cape Town drought has caused these Park-town prawns to head into your home. While in the sewer systems the American cockroach feed on fecal matter and pick up diseases and bacteria on their bodies which inevitably gets spread around your home.

Doesn’t Matter Where You Stay or if Your Home is Clean

The Cape Town drought has left much less water running through the sewers throughout the peninsula, so all areas from Simonstown, Gordons Bay, Paarl or Parklands are effected and it doesnt matter how clean your home is these roaches need regular water and they’re coming to get it from you.

In some sewers that we opened in the Southern Suburbs areas it looked like the walls were moving within, they have simply bred out-of-control because of the drought.

Verminator American Cockroach Eradication Guaranteed

We just love sorting cockroaches out, especially the big American one and they don’t come much bigger and scarier – but that’s how we like ’em and nothing gives us greater pleasure than gutting them.

We offer a 6 month complete eradication guarantee against the American cockroach from your home and your sewer system….(German Cockroaches are guaranteed for 1 year by Verminator)

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