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Verminator Amazing August Special

Amazing August Special

Amazing August Special? We must be Crazy! All roaches and all rodents eliminated and completely guaranteed for one year thats unbelievable! Any stand alone 4 bedroom or less you get a crazy 1 year service guarantee for just R1495!

Amazing august special

Verminators August amazing special

  • Professional Pest Control Service
  • 12 Months Guarantee (until end of July 2018)
  • All Cockroaches Species
  • All Rodent species
  • 4 free tamper proof rodent bait stations (Not Applicable if property already has at least 4 boxes installed)
  • Free Call Outs Throughout
  • For Just R1495

August amazing special

Dont miss out!

Dont miss out on our amazing special, imagine all your rodent and cockroach problems controlled for an entire year, no more worries!

Just Once off cost per year. This crazy special is only available for the month of August. You will never get this special from any other company.

Any further roach or rodent break out after we have set up and performed our treatments, you just let us know us know and we will do a follow up as soon as humanly possible to come finish them off.

RoachandRatHow does our Amazing August Special work?


Just call one of our friendly sales staff and book your Amazing August Special appointment with us it’ll just take a few quick and easy steps.

click here

Our certified and very polite technicians will then come to your home on the said appointment:

They will inspect and ascertain where to install the rodent bait stations on the outside of your home, if rodents are found inside your building the technician will place carton boxes strategically throughout the inside of your home.

The rodent bait stations are tamper proof and designed to attract the surrounding or offending rodents to the bait that has been concealed safely within the bait stations.

The rodents will feed on the powerful anticoagulant bait which is irresistible to them and makes them extremely thirsty.

The rodents are forced to run back to their water source where they will succumb to the treatment keeping them far away from your home.

the bait is also designed to reduce any secondary poisoning for animals that might want to feed on the dead carcasses of the rodents.

The secondary poisoning for instance for our owls is extremely low and the owls will need to eat many multiple rodents in order for the bait to have any adverse effect.

The rodent also dries the animal carcass out in order to eliminate the smell of rotting flesh.


Our Amazing August Special comes just in time before spring. With spring comes warmer temperatures which is perfect for roaches…culminating in a cockroach swarm during summer.

Any  existing cockroach problem will be eliminated by a technician by various treatments.

Our special baiting system is safely applied throughout your home to eliminate the German cockroach.

The American cockroach is conrolled with a spray application treatment which has an extremely long lasting effect.

  • Surfaces in your sewer system
  • Barrier around your home
  • Cracks and crevasses
  • Roof area for the Oriental cockroach and
  • Timber
  • Perimeter walls.
Amazing August Special

Protecting your Home

If by any chance there are any further outbreaks cockroaches or rodents please call us out during office hours and we will send out a teeam asap to finish them off.


Call us today we waiting for your call the haps we could even put you in same day our service is legendary and a pizza or what people think of Terminator pest control Cape Town

Terms and conditions:

  • Verminator pest control Cape Town reserves the right to deny any service at any time to any person or company.
  • Special is for a stand alone home of 4 bedrooms or less.
  • Call out must be valid (send us a pic) otherwise we can charge a call out fee.
  • Special Excludes flats, apartments or semi detached properties.
  • Outbuildings separate entrances will be charged extra.


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