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Cockroaches Cape Town

Cockroaches Cape Town

Cockroaches Cape Town is a Verminator specialty. We have mastered our cockroach treatment over the past decade and have developed a master service that is Safe Fast and Easy

Verminator Cockroach Control – Safe Fast And Easy

Cockroaches Cape Town

 Safe! No Vacating Necessary

Our Cockroach treatment is safe for your loved ones, We use the latest technologies in Pest Control

Our Techniques are meticulous but still careful and non intrusive.

 Everything stays put, as do you while we take care of those cockroaches.

Cockroaches Cape Town

Just relax While We Busy Ourselves With Those Cockroaches

Fast! Under 1 Hour Service

Whether you call us or fill out our easy “We call u” form on the right,  booking are made fast and simple!

Verminator Cockroach services are structured to be convenient

 Our affordable Cockroach services saves your time and money, expect us to be in and out of your home within 1 hour.

Cockroaches Cape Town

Easy! No Unpacking – No Odours

What can be easier, a once off treatment that solves your cockroach problem completely!

No chemical odour, in fact no odours! and yes you don’t have to leave your home for any period of time

No unpacking or shifting any furniture, just perfectly easy and guaranteed clearance.


Cockroaches Cape Town

Verminator Odourless Technologies

100% Perfect Eradication Guarantee

Verminator Cockroaches Cape Town Services offer the Perfect Eradication with unrivaled guarantees in the industry.

German Cockroach – (9 to 12 month guarantee)

American and Oriental Cockroaches (6 month Guarantee)

Our famous no fuss guarantees is for your piece of mind!

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Cockroach Control in Cape Town


Many a business and domestic home has been liberated entirely from cockroaches.

 Below are the Cockroaches Cape Town gets plagued with…

German Cockroach

German Cockroaches Cape Town (about the size of your thumbnail) – Guarantee 1 year (conditions apply) 

We get rid of them completely and our service is safe and odourless.

State-of-the-art Treatment

Advanced Cockroach baits injected strategically in appliances and cupboards. Roaches cant resist our bait and so they feed on it.

The very last one dies

Cockroaches themselves will then spreads the “infection” through out the entire colony as a result the last one dies and that is the especially relevant secret.

American Cockroach


American Cockroaches Cape Town (about the size of an average human male pinky) – The big flying “Land Prawn” as it is affectionately known by Capetonians is controlled by using a natural pesticide harvested from the chrysanthemum flower head.

Super long lasting treatment

Slow release suspended safe pesticides which means it has a long lasting  residual value. The service is safe and odourless and comes with a 6 month guarantee. Perfect Cockroach Eradication achieved.

Oriental Cockroach

Oriental Cockroaches Cape town (Half the size of your middle finger) – Usually black and their shape varies from elongated to round (Female) resembling a beetle .

We find these cockroaches start manifesting themselves more prolifically near the end of winter through spring.

Orientals are more docile than other species, however they could soon explode in numbers and make life uneasy.

Entire Home is treated

We treat the entire house in strategic areas especially the ceiling where one often finds them breeding.

Totally odourless and safe,

No unpacking or vacating, Guaranteed for 6 months with a Perfect Cockroach Eradication achieved.

Controlling Cockroaches around Cape Town And Surrounds.

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