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Verminator Cockroaches Kraaifontein is the best option for effective cockroach control. We provide a hassle-free, one-year clearance warranty for German cockroaches and a nine-month clearance guarantee for American and Oriental cockroaches.

  • 1-Year Guarantee
  • Eco-Sensitive
  • No Unpacking or Vacating
  • Affordable Quality
  • Quick & Easy

Verminator Cockroach Control

Verminator is a company that takes pride in its level of customer service. If you have a difficult situation, you can count on us to provide a quick and efficient solution. Our staff is professional and discreet, and our prices are affordable.

Do I need Cockroach Pest Control?

You probably have a lot more if you spot one of these insects. In about ten weeks, they may go from eggs to sexually mature adults. Each egg case can hold anywhere from 30 to 40 eggs.

Cockroaches are typically nocturnal, although they may be active throughout the day in areas with a high population. Their faeces resemble grains of black pepper and may be found just about everywhere they can get their fill.

Frequently, areas with a high concentration of pests will have a pungent odour because of their waste.

Cockroaches Kraaifontein

100% Cockroach Eradication Guarantee

Verminator Cockroaches Kraaifontein Services offer the Perfect Eradication with unrivalled guarantees in the industry.

  • German cockroach – (1 Year guarantee)
  • American and Oriental Cockroaches (6-month guarantee)
  • Our trusted no-fuss warranty is for your peace of mind!

Cockroaches are insects with six legs, two antennae, and two pairs of wings. The two most common cockroach species in the Kraaifontein area are the German cockroach (about 2 centimetres in length) and the American cockroach (up to 8 centimetres).

Cockroaches can reproduce rapidly, adapt to many environments, consume virtually anything, and survive up to six months.

Safe, Fast and Easy Roach Control Cape Town

Are you tired of cockroaches infesting your home? Our cockroach treatment only has to be done once and will permanently eliminate your cockroach problem. Plus, there are no nasty smells or side effects, so you can go about your day while we care for the problem.

There’s no need to unpack your cabinets or rearrange your furniture, and making a booking with us is quick and easy, so why wait? Get rid of those pesky cockroaches for good!

Our Clients

We have innumerable recurring satisfied clients because of the world-class products we use and our professional attitude humbly geared towards solving pest problems.


German Cockroaches: 1-Year Guarantee

We eliminate them with our safe and odourless treatment.

Advanced Baits are injected strategically in various cupboards and appliances to attract cockroaches.

Inevitably, the roaches will take the bait, setting off a chain reaction that will kill every last cockroach in the treatment area. The final result is that the current infestation cannot reproduce or return.

German Cockroaches Kraaifontein
German Cockroaches

American Cockroaches: 9-Month guarantee

Sized roughly as large as a man’s pinky, American cockroaches in Kraaifontein can be found in almost any home.

To combat the flying “Land Prawn,” as it is affectionately known, scientists have developed a synthetic version of a natural pesticide taken from the chrysanthemum flower head.

This odourless insecticide, known as a pyrethroid, is micro-encapsulated and administered with a spray application sustaining a slow-release action for about a year.

American Cockroaches Kraaifontein
American Cockroach

Oriental Cockroaches: 9-Month guarantee

In Kraaifontein, you’ll see Oriental cockroaches that are as long as your thumb and as dark as night. Females look like giant black beetles with the antennae and legs of cockroaches.

At the close of winter, these cockroaches emerge and multiply rapidly.

We take a comprehensive approach, treating everywhere from the basement to inside the roof, as that is where they tend to nest.

Advanced Cockroach Control Kraaifontein

At Cockroaches Kraaifontein, we must constantly keep up-to-date with new environmentally friendly technologies and trends that develop locally and internationally. We engage our clients in the design and use cost-effective materials whenever possible. This ensures quality work at competitive prices, putting us ahead of the pack within the industry.

Cockroach Hazards

Cockroaches are a type of insect that can be found in both homes and businesses. They are especially problematic in the catering sector because they can carry diseases such as salmonella, typhoid and dysentery.

Cockroaches can also cause skin disorders such as eczema and asthma. The most vulnerable to infection are children and the elderly.

Food, warmth and water make most properties in Kraaifontein suitable for them. Although infestations may begin in areas with poor hygiene levels, cockroaches will travel to find other suitable premises where they can feed and breed.

One of nature’s survivor species – they adapt exceptionally quickly, and many ‘do it yourself’ products will fail because they cannot keep up with the cockroaches’ evolution.

These insects are also good at finding refuge to escape such measures.


If you’ve ever wondered: “Where can I find complete cockroach eradication?” you’re in the right place.

Verminator Cockroaches Kraaifontein is where people in the know turn for proven 100% cockroach clearance.

Verminator Cockroaches Kraaifontein Service is the first pest control company to offer a 1-year guarantee one of many reasons why companies like Spar, Panarottis, Sabc3 Expresso, Independent Newspapers, Top Guest Houses and many many more are turning to Verminator Pest Control.

Verminator Cockroaches Kraaifontein’s results-focused approach is eco-friendly and completely safe. 

“Verminator is a brilliant company, they know exactly what they are doing.”