Cockroaches are Verminator’s specialty. We have mastered our cockroach treatment over the past decade and have developed a master service that is Safe Fast and Easy. German Cockroach Guarantee 1 Year. American Cockroach Guarantee 6 months.

100% Perfect Eradication Guarantee

Why choose us to solve your cockroach problem:

Our meticulous cockroach treatment techniques are safe for your loved ones, No vacating or unpacking and no pre-treatment preparation convenience, up-to 1 year guarantee.

Everything stays put, as do you while we take care of those cockroaches.

  • Safe! No Vacating Necessary
  • Fast! Under 1 Hour Service
  • Easy! No Unpacking – No Odours
  • 100% Perfect Eradication Guarantee
  • State-of-the-art Treatment
  • Entire Home is treated
  • Totally odourless and safe

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