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Crickets are a common outdoor insect in the Bantry Bay area. Related to the grasshopper, there are a variety of Crickets. There is common Field Cricket, known for its famous chirping sound, the Camel Cricket with its huge hump backed shape, and the yellowish brown House Cricket. These three insects, although all Crickets, require different living environments and food sources. Some Crickets find their way into a home or other buildings where they can quickly turn into a pest.

Field Crickets can multiply and feed on fabrics, like silk, cotton, wool, and linens. Camel Crickets prefer cool damp places like basements and dark areas, like inner wall spaces and feed on paper products. Camel Crickets are hearty multipliers and although most die by winter their numbers can become formidable for short durations during late summer and early fall. Similar to the field Cricket in preferences the House Cricket is attracted to light and feeds on fabric, but is much more reproductive than the Field Cricket. House Crickets can cause a great deal of damage, especially if they become numerous.

If you suspect that YOU have a Cricket problem, call Pest Control Cape. Our Pest Control Tech will be able to identify the type of Cricket you may have and address the problem accordingly. In most cases the problem is more of a noise nuisance more than causing actual damages to personal and business property, but there are many cases where infestation problems are extreme, or the sheer numbers of Crickets is affecting the acceptable quality of life of a home or business owner. Using an Integrated Pest Management approach, the Pest Control Tech will utilize manual, non-chemical, and chemical methods to eliminate the Cricket problem. The Pest Control Cape Tech will also identity the Crickets points of entry into a structure and either help seal and address problem areas and/or make suggestions to the home or business owner how to prevent Crickets from entering a structure in the future


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