Crickets Whale Coast

Verminator Crickets Whale Coast services is applying the methods of pest control in an inoffensive eco-friendly yet powerful way


Crickets Whale Coast

You either love crickets or you hate them, If you are reading this then we’re pretty sure it is the latter, we offer a no nonsense professional service that’ll get rid of them guaranteed for 6 months.

Verminator Crickets Whale Coast services is applying the methods of pest control in an inoffensive eco-friendly yet powerful way towards guaranteed results for completely exterminating all crickets Whale Coast have to offer in commercial or suburban areas.

Call today and find out how Verminator crickets Whale Coast high-quality products and techniques will solve your cricket problem.

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Cricket Outbreaks

Most crickets manifest themselves as serious pests during early autumn or late summer, they lay their eggs in autumn, the eggs (200-300 per female) then lay dormant until next spring.

Crickets mature over a period of around 3 months and as adults they are capable of flying and mating.

Most Field cricket eggs are laid in autumn, approximately two weeks after females mature and develop wings. Firm, bare soil sites are preferred for egg-laying. A single female cricket may lay from 150-400 eggs. Eggs remain in the soil throughout the winter and hatch the following spring.

Massive cricket outbreaks occur when mass mating takes place during the evenings.
Most often during drought or dry summers crickets come out strong and the reason for this is yet unknown.

Verminator Crickets Whale Coast Control is most vital during the months of March and April.


Besides damaging our sleeping patterns, they also ruin clothing, linen, paint jobs and especially soiled cloth are an attraction to crickets. Let Verminator Crickets Whale Coast services eliminate this potential costly problem have a look at our reviews.


How to reduce crickets in your house:

  • Reduce your lighting outdoors
  • Seal off potential Entry points such as cracks
  • Keep doors and windows closed
  • Choose Verminator Crickets Whale Coast for the ultimate guaranteed service (6 months)

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Services that’s both ultra efficient and safe – Ground Breaking Pest Control

  • Comfortable Applications
  • Safe for Kids and Pets
  • No Gasses or Vapours
  • Natural or synthetic
  • Highly targeted products
  • Certified by the department of Agriculture in South Africa, Europe and the US
  • Perfect Eradication Guarantee – 6 months
  • Certified Technicians registered and qualified by the department of agriculture
  • The World most Advanced Products
  • Services under 1 hour
  • Super Rapid Knock downs
  • No Vacating
  • No Odours
  • No Unpacking
  • Bookings within 48 hours
  • Under 60 minute servicing

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No Unpacking – No Vacating – Under 1 Hour Service

Verminator Crickets Whale Coast uses the very best and most sophisticated products to sort out cricket outbreaks:

  • We treat flower beds and areas near and away from your dwelling.
  • All nooks and crannies are treated with a long-lasting odourless and safe spray application
  • All doorways and window ways are treated with this safe and longlasting barrier to protect your home.
  • All cracks and openings are treated

Control at your Convenience

We have innumerable recurring satisfied clients not only because of the World Class products that we use but also our professional attitude humbly geared towards solving all your pest problems.

Safe for your Kids, Pets and the Environment

We continually improve by upgrading our crickets Whale Coast services because we believe that we must constantly keep up-to-date with new Environmentally Friendly Technologies and trends that develop locally and internationally, therefore you can be assured that we offer the very best solutions available.

Safe for your Kids, Pets and the Environment

Verminator Crickets Whale Coast

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