You either love crickets or you hate them, If you are reading this then we’re pretty sure it is the latter, we offer a no nonsense professional service that’ll get rid of them guaranteed for 6 months.

100% Perfect Eradication Guarantee

Cricket Outbreaks

Most crickets manifest themselves as serious pests during early autumn or late summer, they lay their eggs in autumn, the eggs (200-300 per female) then lay dormant until next spring.

Crickets mature over a period of around 3 months and as adults they are capable of flying and mating.

Most Field cricket eggs are laid in the fall, approximately two weeks after females mature and develop wings. Firm, bare soil sites are preferred for egg-laying. A single female cricket may lay from 150-400 eggs. Eggs remain in the soil throughout the winter and hatch the following spring.

Massive cricket outbreaks occur when mass mating takes place during the evenings.

Most often during drought or dry summers crickets come out strong and the reason for this is yet unknown.


Besides damaging our sleeping patterns, they also ruin clothing, paint jobs and soiled clothing are also an attraction to crickets and they can ruin these.


  • Reduce your lighting outdoors
  • Seal off potential Entry points such as cracks
  • Keep doors and windows closed
  • Cricket control calls for stringent and professional baits and spray appplications:

Verminator Cricket Control uses the very best and sophisticated products to sort out cricket outbreaks:

  1. We bait flower beds and areas specifically away from your home. (granular form)
  2. All nooks and crannies are treated with a long lasting (up to 1 year)odorless and safe spray application
  3. All Doorways and window ways are treated with this safe and long lasting barrier to protect your home.
  4. All cracks and openings are treated

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