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ESKOM load shedding Cape Town: Eco-Friendly Capsule of the Future

ESKOM load shedding Cape Town: Here is a cool solution…


We at Verminator are always looking for new and innovative ways to implement in our Eco Pest Control  services which we offer our clients. Whether it be in the home or business environment in the broader Cape Town area. To find our more about us click on to any of our links for our contact details and testimonials of some of our happiest clients.



Photo Credit, Nice Architects

What is this new innovative solar technology everyone is buzzing about?

The new solution to Eskom’s “blind man’s bluff”, or just the evening you’ve planned a romantic dinner for two (having already sent the kids to Nanna for the night) and without warning your leg of lamb roast is abruptly left with another 1 hour still to go,… introducing the ECO EGG.



Photo Credit, Nice Architects

Cute and snugly enough for two in a 8 square meter capsule like caravan which comes well equipped and with ample storage space.

The ECO EGG has a smart built in kitchenette with running water as well as a shower and fully functional toilet. The best part? You can live in it almost anywhere and be totally independent of Eskom for up to 1 year!



Photo Credit, Nice Architects

This space like creation by Nice Architects who hale from Bratislava, (Capital of Slovakia)  is powered by wind turbines (which are conveniently retractable for easy dismantling should you feel the need for change of scenery) and solar powered panels. It even has a facility to collect rain water!  SPECS: http:/www.ecocapsule.sk/ecocapsule



Sketch Credit, Nice Architects

All you need to do is hook your ECO EGG to your trailer and off you go! Your home away from home…and Eskom!


The developers at Nice Architects are set to release the cost towards the end of 2015. This unique eco mobile home can fit quite comfortably in a standard shipping container and will be available early 2016.

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