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Flea Bites

Flea Bites

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Flea bites are characterised by a swollen red-purple lump with a tiny hole in the middle. The area is very itchy and usually up to 2 centimetres in size. The flea releases an anti-coagulant when it bites which stops the blood from clotting facilitating blood flow. This causes the body of the host’s immune system to attack the affected area which deeming the anti-coagulant to be an allergen causing the swollen inflammation.

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Odourless Services

Our services are safe and odourless, all we ask is to vacate the area that we are treating and then return when we done, Our services are safe fast and convenient.

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Verminator will take extreme care of you and your family when dealing with a Flea infestation at your home. The control method is especially subject to the area and size of the home.  We utilise our favourite Eco-friendly pesticides in the roof area or any place outside of the home

Within minutes the fleas have submitted and are dying, the fleas in its larvae or egg form out will face the same fate when hatching or crawling over the treated areas. Our product remains active for up to one year, thus making it impossible for the wasps to return and making it possible for us to offer you an industry beating 6 month guarantee.

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