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Fleas Johannesburg

Fleas Johannesburg

Verminator Fleas Johannesburg Eco-Friendly Service is the ultimate way of completely exterminating and dominating all fleas Johannesburg has to offer in all their phases…from egg to adult, the treatment has a long lasting effect, patiently waiting to pounce on dormant eggs when they hatch.

And let us (Verminator Fleas Johannesburg) be clear: This is NOT a lame over promise – under achievement service. Instead, you’re going to experience Verminator Pest Control’s tried and tested strategies that work and in 2018 work even better. So if you’re looking for a 6-month Guaranteed flea control service you’ll love Verminator – Fleas Johannesburg’s easy bookings and convenient on-site services.


About Verminator Pest Control

Verminator: About us

Established in Cape Town during 2007, we have been at the forefront when it comes to environmentally friendly pest control , we are still strongly driven to perfect eco-friendly pest control. Today we are proud to say that we have served more than 30000 clients and we continue to develop our product to give our clients the ultimate experience in Pest Control… Convenience coupled with 100% eradication.

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Fleas are extreme –
Life Cycle

Fleas transform 4 times on its short voyage from egg to grown-up. Female fleas can discharge more than 2,000 eggs within 2 months so they can spread all through your home in the blink of an eye. Flea eggs hatch within 14 days depending on conditions such as temperature or moisture.

Once hatched the larvae will spin and weave a pupae within two weeks and in the pupae form can remain dormant for many many months. When insects make it past your front door it takes about 2 weeks for complete eradication after Verminators Fleas Johannesburg treatment – guaranteed for 6 months.

Approach your veterinarian about safe techniques for battling your flea attack on your pets. Watch out for your pet throughout the summer or warmer periods.

Prevention is better than cure and most of our customers call us out once per year to treat their homes, usually before winter when pets tend to spend more time indoors. Thoroughly vacuum and clean your floors, furniture and pet accessories regularly.

Fleas Johannesburg

Perfect Fleas Johannesburg Eradication Guaranteed

Verminator Fleas Johannesburg Service uses a safe and odourless treatment sprayed over the target area, fleas and their eggs are then controlled by a state-of-the-art micro-encapsulated  slow release system which means it has a long lasting residual value.

The service is safe and odourless and comes with a 6 month guarantee. Perfect Flea Eradication achieved.

The Fleas Johannesburg have specialize in most mammal species including humans. Infestations found in our homes are usually Cat, Dog or Bird Fleas. The Cat flea is usually the culprit for biting humans. When Our bodies react to the bites from fleas red swelling occurs especially after scratching. The bite causes physical damage as well as the injected anti-coagulants and aneasthetics can cause allergic reactions.

Fleas Johannesburg
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