Flying Insects Cape Town

The initial inspection should focus on identifying the Fly, Moth or Mosquito causing the problem and location of all resting and larvae development sites.

Flying Insects Cape Town

Because adults often rest in breeding areas, it is helpful to inspect at night.Sanitation is the most important step because it eliminates breeding sites.

When successful, it significantly reduces the need for pesticide applications.

Flying Insects Cape Town

Fly, Moth and Mosquito Control

If trash cans are the problem, property owners should be instructed to empty and clean them at least once a week. Mechanical measures include insect proof garbage containers, self-closing doors, screening, caulking and air curtains.

Operating insect lights indoors and at night is effective in controlling adult flying insects inside structures. Sticky traps and other devices are also available to reduce adult Fly Moth and Mosquito populations indoors and out. Any insecticide application should be directed at adults.

A trained pest control technician should be called in to eliminate the immediate population, with pesticides. Also conducting a visual inspection to detect any areas that mechanical control can be applied.

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