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Green Pest Control

Green Pest Control

Green Pest Control is the way of the future

Going Green is Easy

Practising with environmental awareness is just not new to us here at Verminator Pest Control. Since we are a family orientated business and work with Pest Control items day by day, we need to make sure that our groups work free of dangers. You can rest guaranteed that we could never utilise an item unless we felt open to treating our own homes with it.


Customized Green Pest Control

In the event that you have a specific concern or that you might want a special “greener” solution for your pest problem that is above our already green services, let us know. We can tweak your treatment program. We have all the Green strategies and tools to join into our normal safe Pest Control programs.

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For more info call or email your request by rounding out the structure of your home along with the tailor made service your would like, we have the resources you need and you will be referred to our resident “green” expert to carefully plan a solution for you.

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Customised World Class Green Pest Control in the Cape Town Peninsula.


Rather than taking care of your nuisance pest issues yourself, contract our accomplished group of coordinated vermin administration experts. We will play out a free, nearby review of your home, and afterwards furnish you with a careful evaluation of a complete green pest control solution.

Not certain what sort of pest you are dealing with? Give us an email with a description and picture of the nuisance. We can then distinguish what it is and the best course of action. Pest Identification click here.

Our specialists handle indoor and open air application issues:

Indoor nuisances like Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants, Bed bugs, Fleas, Flies are dangers that can cause harm inside your home. Our group will eradicate your indoor nuisances, and afterwards execute a long haul plan to protect from future infestations

Why Green Pest Control?

Green Pest Control nature versus nature

It Just Makes Sense,

Its a dependable fact, these days, that substantial pesticides can hinder the well-being of ourselves, our kids and our pets.

No one needs their home and yard secured with toxic substances. At Verminator we only use eco-friendly pesticides but using no pesticide is better.

That is the reason Green Pest Control or Organic Pest Management, spends significant time in the utilisation of “low-effect” arrangements. As a rule there is more than one approach to handle an issue, so we give you all the choices.

For regular, elective, non-harmful irritation control, it’s Verminator Green Pest control

Nature Controlling Nature

Now the most ideal approach to control nature is with nature herself. There are numerous harming creepy crawlies that can be controlled with valuable bugs or low-affect items.

Cases are ladybugs or lacewings to control aphids and whiteflies, vital plant and tree oils to control creeping bugs and bug lures made with common fixings.

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