Pest Control Cockroaches

How do I get rid of cockroaches?

An Introduction on how to get rid of cockroaches

Few insects are more apt than the cockroach to make you feel those chills run down your spine. 

Cockroaches are extremely destructive and they contain a wide range of diseases.

They are most notoriously very difficult to kill. Perhaps you’ve heard of how impossible it is to get rid of a cockroach-infestation.

Yet the fact is, if you know how and are committed to the cause, you can get rid of them. 

American cockroaches German cockroaches are the two most prominent roaches in South Africa

Do I have the American Cockoach or the German roach?


The largest roach species are American roaches (5 to 10 Centimeters). The colour is brown to red. German roaches are very much smaller (2 centimeters and are coloured light brown to tan.


In one year American cockroaches breed up to 1000 offspring and up to 50,000 cockroaches per annum are produced by German cockroaches.

Flight Ability:

American roaches are mild flyers, whereas German roaches do not usually fly. 


  • Typically American cockroaches stay outdoors in hot and warm environments. 
  • It can be found in the vicinity of drains, sewers and bins. 
  • Indoors German roaches hide in holes and gaps and live next to food shops. 

What are the signs of an American Cockroach Eradication?

Dropping Identification:

  • American roach droppings are so large that people can mistake it for a mouse dropping, except the roach droppings are ridged horizontally. 
  • Drains and sewers must be concealed throughout. 
  • Building and cracked drain pipes draw roaches to your home or office.

How do I prevent an American Cockroach Infestation?

  • Seal those holes and gaps, including drain feeds and broken tiles. 
  • Maintain ventilation to insure the waste pipes are clear without trapped water.  
  • Check regularly around heating and humidity zones, for example, geysers, to make sure no problems exist.

How do I know id I have a German Cockroach problem?

If you see one you have a problem!

  • German roaches’ secretions are capable of producing a distinctive scent. When an unpleasant, musty smell comes out, you certainly have a problem with German cockroaches.
  • German roach drops look like freshly ground black pepper.
  • Throughout kitchens and toilets, German roaches can be found as these areas have moisture and soaps to feed on.

Can I prevent a German Cockroach problem?

Maintain tidy and dry kitchens and bathrooms, keeping all food sealed and garbage in check in order to get rid of cockroaches your property must be cleaned regularly.

DIY Cockroach TreatmentBAITING.

Baiting is the best for eradicating cockroaches:

For Getting rid of roaches, mix Syrup with cornflour and borax powder into tiny balls the size of a matchstick head. Scatter the bait at the back of your cupboards.

Do not use spray treatments.

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