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Moles Cape Town

Moles Cape Town

Fairways or Driveways We’ll Sort ’em!

We Specialize in the eradication and control of all mole species in Cape Town and the surrounding peninsula.

We have numerous Golf courses and sports fields who need clearance from moles Cape Town sports fields and Golf courses depend upon us to maintain their Landscapes free from moles. Why not let us sort out your mole problem? Call us on 087 702 9798 for an appointment and your free evaluation.

We get rid of the runner mole or the dune mole.Moles Cape Town

Moles damaging the Gardens in Cape Town is a common occurrence.

Dune moles making heaps upset landscapers and garden lovers alike. The Surface tunnels made by the illustrious Cape Golden Mole ruins lawns.

Moles on Sports fields leave behind dangerous potholes and they destroy the playing field pitch.

Cape Golden Mole (Runner Mole)

Moles Cape Town

Cape Golden Mole (Runner Mole)


The Cape Golden Mole is notorious for being elusive. one of the reasons for this is that they are nocturnal so day time mole hunting rarely comes up successful.

The dogs and cats are always on duty and playfully scoot around trying to find them, alas the little runner mole no bigger than a pear always has the upper hand.

They have proved themselves to be extremely difficult foes and certainly worthy of our respect. These beautiful creatures with iridescent pelts have earned the privilege of being the most challenging pests that we treat.

Our Moles Cape Town services controls Golf courses, parks, sports fields and domestic gardens.

Therefore we sell our services with automatic weekly check-ups until full clearance.

Dune Mole

Moles Cape Town

This Blind guy is suprisingly fiesty

The sheer number of Dune mole mounds seen on the sides of our highways and byways gives testimony that these moles are very successful in the Cape.

Their natural enemy is the mole snake which we’ve managed to knock down and away from our sprawling suburbs.

The results is a dune mole explosion that can be seen noticed by their push ups that litter Cape Town.


Do you need an expert who Specializes in the control of the Cape Golden Mole or runner mole(Click for surprising facts)?

Click here for the truth about Moles Cape Town has in its ecology…

 Control of all Moles Cape Town has to offer

Perfect Eradications Guaranteed!

Moles Cape Town:

  1. We eradicate the Cape Golden Mole (Makes surface tunnelling) or Dune mole (Makes heaped push ups)
  2. 3 month guarantee
  3. No Odours
  4. Safe for Pets
  5. 3 month guarantee
  6. Weekly treatments until complete clearance.

We will eradicate your moles and save your lawn from these unwanted pests, they destroy the root systems of your lawn leaving the grass looking unsightly and unhealthy.

Environmentally Friendly:

  1. Subterranean Cameras
  2. Safe for your Pets
  3. Biodegradable products

Our services are safe for your animals and children, the service won’t disturb your outside living areas as the residual treatments remain underground, where it deters your pets from coming closer.

Fully Guaranteed Eradication

Efficiently Effective:

  1. Perfect Eradication
  2. Certified Technicians registered and qualified by the department of agriculture
  3. The Worlds most Advanced Products

Moles Cape Town Covering all Cape Town Suburbs

Moles Cape Town delivers Eco Friendly Pest and Mole control services in Cape Town City Bowl and the surrounding peninsula. We offer an invaluable service to the community helping to  balance Cape Town’s ecology,  aiding Cape Town’s  reputation as being the fairest Cape.


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