Moles Cape Town

Verminator Moles Cape Town for complete mole removal.

Moles Cape Town

Verminator Moles Cape Town is the way to go if you want to properly get rid of your moles. We control the Cape Golden Mole and the Namaqua Dune Mole.

We serve Cape Town and its environs, stretching west to Melbossstrand, north to Paarl and Franschoek, south to Simonstown, and east to Hermanus.

Our eradication service is safe for your pets, plants and children, and we give a 6-month guarantee. We'll come back every two weeks until the issue is resolved.

Dune Mole Cape Town

Dune Moles Cape Town

If you’ve noticed more than a couple of molehills, these moles have most likely built a new home in your garden. And because Dune Moles multiply quickly, this can spell trouble for passionate gardeners, vegetable patch aficionados, or farmers. They adore devouring plants and vegetables, and their tunnels can collapse, spoiling your grass and causing havoc in well-kept gardens. For expertise in mole control in Cape Town, Call 087 702 9798 for a free quote.


  1. Six-month guarantee
  2. Anaesthetic and phosphine gas treatment 
  3. Safe for Plants 
  4. Safe for Pets


Their body length ranges from 27–35 centimetres, with a 3- to 4-centimetre tail. 500 to 2000 grams is the average weight of a male.

Cape Town Dune Moles are giant rodents with short legs and a round head. For digging, the forefeet feature sharp, bent claws. Their eyes are small and slightly open.

The Cape Town Dune Mole species has a thick coat of soft fur covering its entire body. Reddish-grey whole body and grey undersides. The Cape Dune Mole-Rat has to be smaller than its peers in warmer regions to survive the Cape Town Winter.

Cape Town Golden Mole (Runner Mole)

Cape Golden Mole (aka Runner or Surface Mole).

Have you ever noticed tunnelling appearing above your lawn?

Unless controlled, the Cape Golden Mole can inflict significant harm to your garden in a short period. These shy and secretive critters are one of the most challenging small mammals to drive away if you don’t have the proper tools and knowledge. Verminator Moles Cape Town has assisted countless customers in eliminating moles from their gardens. Working with various methodologies, depending on the case and the severity of the problem, we customize a solution to meet your specific requirements. We operate with anaesthetics and baits, making every effort to use the most humane and delicate methods possible. If you believe you require assistance in removing moles from your property, please contact us immediately.

Treatment Includes:

  1. Six-month guarantee
  2. Anaesthetic and baiting treatment 
  3. Safe for Plants 
  4. Safe for Pets


Their body length ranges from 5 to 10 centimetres. 50 to 150 grams is the average weight.

The Cape Town Golden Moles are a small family of insectivorous mammals. They are found mainly in parts of South Africa’s southwest, including the coastal areas of the southwest and southern Cape. These moles use their pointy nose shield and highly adapted forefeet to build shallow tunnels while searching for insects, especially earthworms. The fur of golden moles is exceptionally dense, silky, and velvety. They come in various colours, including black, brown, and a soft beige hue.

Mole Control

  • Comfortable Applications
  • Safe for Kids and Pets
  • Aluminium phosphide, baits and anaesthetics available
  • Natural or synthetic
  • Highly targeted products
  • Certified by the department of Agriculture in South Africa, Europe and the US
  • Perfect Eradication Guarantee – 6 months
  • Certified Technicians registered and qualified by the department of agriculture
  • The World most Advanced Products
  • Services under 1 hour
  • Super Rapid Knock downs
  • No Vacating
  • No Odours
  • No Unpacking
  • Bookings within 48 hours
  • Under 60 minute servicing

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