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Verminator Pest Control Johannesburg!

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Pest Control Johannesburg

Pest Control Johannesburg is the practice of optimally safe and eco-friendly pest control. Verminator pest control Johannesburg is established on a strong client base wrought by delivering reliable and revolutionary pest control experiences for our clients. For those new, to pest control, we highly recommend reading Canada’s Avon Pest Control’s 10 Pest Control Myths Exposed. Pest Control Johannesburg services are Fast & Easy! Experience a higher quality service with unrivaled eradication guarantees within the pest control industry. Verminator Pest Control Johannesburg has proven safe and successful applications with pre and after-sales services that are second to none.


Verminator Plaagbeheer is Gauteng se mees betroubare plaagbeheer maatskappy. Ons bied ‘n verskeidenheid van gespesialiseerde dienste met ongeëwenaarde waarborge. Miere, Kakkerlakke, Weeluis, Voëlbeheer, vismotte, Vlooie, Mole beheer, knaagdier beheer ensovoorts.

Verminator omgewings vriendelike plaagbeheerdienste in Gauteng kan ons kommersiële eiendom kliënte wat ons plaagbeheer diens gebruik verseker dat jou normale werkdag sal nie onderbreek geword nie.

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Cockroach Control
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Rodent Eradication
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Green Pest Control
Damage to the Environment
The shocking reality of whats happening to our planet.
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What do people say about us?

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Verminator’s Unrivaled Guarantees

Pest Control Johannesburg offers unrivaled expertise which means 100% guarantees for extra long periods which cut costs for you, take a look on the right at our list of unrivaled eradication guarantee periods. Pest Control Johannesburg accommodates today’s fast-paced life with efficient bonuses like no unpacking or vacating for most services and absolutely no dangerous odors. Pest Control Johannesburg will change the way you think of Pest Control we keep up with the latest practices so that our clients can rest assured that when they make use of Verminator Pest Control Johannesburg that they are exposed to nothing but the most advanced techniques and products available anywhere in the world.

100% Guaranteed Service Periods
German Cockroach
1 Year Guarantee
American cockroach
6 Month Guarantee.
Bed Bugs
6 Months Guarantee.
6 Months Guarantee.
Fish Moths
6 Months Guarantee.
6 Months Guarantee.
6 Months Guarantee.
6 Months Guarantee.
Rats & Mice – Rodents
Guarantee from 3 months

Pest Control Johannesburg

Kind to Your Kids and Pets… and the Environment

When it comes to pest control – Verminator is trusted by many thousands of South Africans.
If you are looking for a new powerful and efficient way of pest management that is easy on the environment and your loved ones.
Simply Call us – No unpacking, No vacating (Except Parasite Treatments) No odours

Introducing Verminator Pest Control Johannesburg!

Verminator Pest Control Johannesburg will change the way you think about pest control. We are Pest Control Experts for your home.
We Pioneered Eco-Friendly Pest Control for peoples homes

no unpacking or vacating for most applications.
Welcome to quick and easy bookings, your own customer portal and unrivaled eradication guarantee periods.

Most Advanced!

That’s because at Verminator Pest Control we firmly believe that our sophisticated service methods are straight up more convenient and far more effective.
Our services are designed to be nice and simple, just one call and you can take advantage of our quick booking system, paperless docs plus your own online portal.
We will save you time and money.

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We have many returning customers that got to know and trust us as a professional and solid partner.

Join our 30,000+ happy Verminator Clients and discover the smarter, faster easier way how to have your pests controlled.

Simple Perfection!

Verminator Pest Control Johannesburg is perfecting the simple, we strive to make life easy for you.

If you have a Pest Problem why not try us? You will be pleasantly surprised with our efficient and friendly staff.

Give us a call to make a quick booking and experience true quality pest control.

Pest Control Johannesburg

087 702 9798

Call for a quick booking we will save you tons of time with our state-of-the-art scheduling system and powerful online tools which will allow you to get on with your day.


MyVerminator is fully compatible with your life, Just login to your own customer portal and check up on things like your service report which is an in-depth look at the service we rendered, also check up on past invoices for ease of mind

Revolutionary Guarantees


Our work is guaranteed! Not just for 1 or even three months up to 1 year, click on the link above to see our perfect guarantee periods and more…

No Pest Control Contracts

Verminator Pest Control Johannesburg will not tie you down into UNNECESSARY LONG-TERM CONTRACTS!

We simply offer unrivaled long-term guaranteed services that you will appreciate.

Welcome to Verminators fresh approach to Pest Control No Contracts just Powerful Actions and Proven Value.

Another Reason why our clients adore us.

Pest Control Johannesburg

I want to recruit Verminator’s Expertise to help me with…

Pest Control Johannesburg

Ultra Convenient and Efficient Pest Control

Verminator Pest Control have developed advanced Environmentally Friendly services that are tailored exclusively around your Convenience.

We constantly evolve our techniques to serve our discerning clients who demand perfect long term eradication with a minimum of bother.

Pest Control Johannesburg
Pest Control Johannesburg

Lowest Rates & Longest Guarantees

Don’t pay more! why should you? you’ll find that we at Verminator have the longest guarantees in the history of pest control coupled with the lowest rates.

We strive to improve our treatments and after-sales service to be the very best in our industry, but don’t take our word for it click here.

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Why don’t you try our services? you will be well pleased with our pleasant staff and our tried and tested abilities that are both safe and potently effective

We will faultlessly resolve your Pest Predicament with maximum effect and ultra safe convenience.

One Year Guarantee

As heard on Smile Radio: Now you can opt to have your home or business (Conditions apply) pest free whole year round with a once off payment per year.

Once a year we come out and do a comprehensive pest treatment, call us out anytime during your warranty period and we will deal with any crawling pest outbreak during the year of warranty.

Covering cockroaches (all species), parasites, rodents and most crawling insects…not for flying insects or wood borers or any single stand-alone service.

Pest Control Johannesburg
Pest Control Johannesburg

Customised Organic Pest Control Services

We now offer an optional customised organic service to complement our pioneering and famous standard Eco-friendly services.

Give it a try and you’ll discover why we are the most convenient and efficient Pest Control Company in Johannesburg.

Save Yourself the Trouble

Does your pest control guy arouse your suspicion?

Did you know it is a criminal offense to hire an unregistered or unqualified person to perform pest control in your home?

Ask for the contractors P-Number without this he is illegal and you can check the validity of the number by calling the department of agriculture 021 944 1434

Pest Control Johannesburg

Why Choose Verminator Pest Control Johannesburg

Pest Control Johannesburg
  • Comfortable Applications
  • Safe for Kids and Pets (Conditions Apply)
  • No Gasses or Vapours
  • Natural or synthetic ( copied natural products)
  • Highly targeted products
  • Ultra Low Secondary Poisoning
  • Products are certified by the department of Agriculture in South Africa, Europe and the US

We Pioneered Eco-Friendly Pest Control in South Africa

Due to continual improvements and by upgrading the upgrading of our services over the past decade we believe that we have risen to the top of our industry in structural pest control.

We constantly keep up-to-date with new Environmentally Friendly Technologies and trends that develop locally and internationally.

Rest assured that we offer the very best solutions available anywhere in the world. We also are compatible with HACCP and other standards.

Pest Control Johannesburg

Pest Control Johannesburg

Work Done in Under 1 Hour

Efficiently Effective:

  • Up to 1 year service guarantee (Conditions Apply)
  • Perfect Eradication
  • Certified Technicians registered and qualified by the department of agriculture
  • The World most Advanced Products
  • Services under 1 hour
  • Super Rapid Knock downs

Local Is Lekker

Verminator Pest Control Johannesburg, Born in Johannesburg the most beautiful city on earth!

At Verminator Pest Control Johannesburg we only use products that are ECO-friendly.

We have the most advanced and most powerful products available world wide, Technology provided by mother nature.

Pest Control Johannesburg

Free Quotes

We can assure our commercial property clients that our pest control service wont interrupt your normal business day. Heck, you wont even know that we are there!

If you would like to get a free quote, don’t hesitate to contact us.

You may call us on 087 702 9798 or if you would like us to contact you, you can submit your details here.

If you are not sure if we offer our services in your area, you can head over to our Service Areas section.

If you do not find your area in our service area list, do not fret, because if you contact us we are sure we can make an arrangement for you.

Safe Fast and Easy.


We are endorsed by:

  • Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
Pest Control Johannesburg

Pest Control Johannesburg

Pest Control Johannesburg

Pest Control Johannesburg

Pest Control Johannesburg

Verminator Pest Control Johannesburg 30000+Happy Clients 31st January 2018
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