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Pest Control Port Elizabeth

Pest Control Port Elizabeth from Verminator South Africa since 2007.

Verminator specialises in Eco-Safe pest control options for homes, businesses and property managers in and around Port Elizabeth.

Residential Pest Control

Why Pay More?

Why should you? You'll find that we offer the best value as a result of our most extended clearance guarantees in the history of pest control.

Pest Control Port Elizabeth is perfecting service convenience, and we strive to make life easy for you.

Give us a call to make a quick booking and experience real quality service.

Super 16 Pests:


    • Comprehensive Treatment

    • Multiple Pests

    • Including Rodents

    • Free Callbacks

    • Fully Guaranteed

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    Residential Pest Control

    Local Pest Control for your Home

    We have local experts, and they know the local climate in Port Elizabeth. Warm, temperate with a great deal of rainfall combined with the Indian Ocean.

    Our environmental experience will help you manage any pest problem you may encounter.

    Suppose you need a one-time service or an annual, extensive pest control Port Elizabeth program. In that case, our technicians can provide the ultimate solution for your pest needs.

    Let Verminator offer you the very best world-class pest solutions available contact us today on 087 702 9798 or WhatsApp us.


    • Safe for the family

      Verminator will give you peace of mind child and pet-friendly applications for pest-free living.

    • Convenient

      For minimum effort by you, no unpacking or vacating needed for most of our treatments.

    • Professional

      Our technicians are certified and highly trained professionals dedicated to excellent service ethics.

    Pest Control Port Elizabeth Commercial Pricing

    For Your Business or Property

    Commercial Pest Control

    All of our quotes are free even when we need to come out and do an on-site evaluation to work out a no-fuss no contract commercial pest control solution.

    Whether you need pest maintenance, pest management or a once-off treatment service, take a look at the table below for the value option that suits you the most.

    With more than ten years of experience in property management, Pest Control Port Elizabeth has created exclusive, convenient commercial programs.

    We'll handle tenant requests at no extra charge, reducing complaints and demands from tenants, making life more comfortable for you.

    Best of all, our contract-free services will save you money.



    Once-off cost from

    • Comprehensive Treatment

    • Multiple Pests

    • Including Rodents

    • Free Callbacks

    • Fully Guaranteed
    • Contract Free
    • Maintenance

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    Super 16 16 PESTS! 1Year Guarantee


    Once off cost from

    • Comprehensive Treatment

    • 16 Pests

    • Including Rodents

    • Free Callbacks

    • 1 Year Guarantee

    • Contract Free
    • Maintenance

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    Contract-Free Pest Control


    We assure our commercial property clients that our pest control service won't disrupt any part of their business day. Heck, you won't even know that we were there!

    I. M. van Wyngaard

    Commercial Pest Control Port Elizabeth

    Save Big!

    Free your business or your property from wasteful pest service agreements. Our sophisticated service methods are straight up more convenient and far more effective than any other.

    Super quick bookings, paperless docs, the online portal is just the start of the best pest-free decision you've ever made for your business.

    Let Pest Control Port Elizabeth offer you the very best world-class pest solutions available contact us today on 087 702 9798 or WhatsApp us.

    Regret we currently do not offer any services to the catering industry.


    • No Contracts

      Save Big!

    • Eco-friendly

      Eco-Safe materials & techniques, Paperless.

    • Trustworthy

      We are committed to honour and impeccable business ethics.

      Precision Pest Control Port Elizabeth

      High Tech & Highly Targeted

      Pest Control Port Elizabeth uses the most effective secure products and techniques to protect your home, family and pets.

      Highly trained field specialists and a national company's expertise back our promise for pest control success.

      We are specialised in Port Elizabeth-type pests, including cockroaches, bedbugs, spiders, millipedes, wasps, fleas, ants, rats and other rodents.

      Pest Control Port Elizabeth - Contact Us

      0877029798 quality@verminator.co.za

      Pest Control Port Elizabeth - Reviews

      What do our clients say? After two weeks, we prompt every customer to rate and critique our service rendered to them.


          Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Port Elizabeth

          Pest Control Port Elizabeth vigilantly keeps current with new Environmentally Friendly Technologies and trends that emerge locally or internationally.

          Rest assured that we offer the very best materials and solutions available anywhere in the world. We are compatible with HACCP and other standards.

          Up-to 1 Year Guarantee
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