Rat Control

We are Different Because: Our services are safe fast and odourless, (Environmentally Friendly). We apply various professional rat baits into tamper-proof bait stations (rodent restaurants). Once dined the target animal becomes overwhelmed with his thirst and will then return to his water origin which is generally found outside.

100% Perfect Eradication Guarantee

They usually succumb to the treatment before returning inside. The carcass also dries out so that there is no rotting odour. Secondary poisoning affect is ultra low: This means that wildlife such as Owls or Pets like your family dog will be safe in case they ingest any part of the dead rat.

Tried everything – nothing works! Why don’t You call Verminator Rat Control

Why don’t you try our services you will be well pleased with our pleasant staff and our tried and tested abilities that are both safe and potently effective.

Our Mission: To faultlessly resolve your Pest Predicament with maximum effect and ultra safe convenience.

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