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Spiders Johannesburg

Spiders Johannesburg

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Spiders Johannesburg

Spiders Johannesburg

Spiders Johannesburg, we at Verminator Pest Control Johannesburg believe, along with other good pest control companies, that to succeed with spider control one needs great products and great knowledge. If only it were that easy…Verminator Spiders Johannesburg Service adds meticulous care and attention with an extra long guarantee to confidently believe that we offer a “great service”.

And that’s where Verminator Pest Control comes in.

What sets Verminator apart from other pest control companies is not only our strategies and techniques but also our insanely accurate services that works, coupled with our unrivaled 6 month service guarantee.

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All Spiders Johannesburg has to offer are sorted! Oh and we are eco-friendly too.

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About Verminator Pest Control

Verminator: About us

Established in Cape Town during 2007, we have been at the forefront when it comes to environmentally friendly pest control , we are still strongly driven to perfect eco-friendly pest control. Today we are proud to say that we have served more than 30000 clients and we continue to develop our product to give our clients the ultimate experience in Pest Control… Convenience coupled with 100% eradication.

Verminator Spider Control
At Verminator Pest Control in Johannesburg – we leave No Stone Unturned when it comes to the control and complete eradication of spiders in and around your home.

The Verminator treatment consists of a thorough inspection ensuring that our long lasting treatment is carefully effected but not limited too the following areas in your home

  • roof structure
  • garage
  • building perimeter (high and Low, in and out)
  • bushes and trees surrounding your home
  • around window frames and door frames
  • inside little hidey holes such as washing poles
  • vibracrete walls
  • children’s play areas
  • jungle Gyms
  • sheds and Wendy houses
  • etcetera.
Spiders Johannesburg
Spiders Johannesburg

No More Surprises! No More Spiders!

Spiders just love the warm Johannesburg climate during summer, we have nearly 2000 different spider species in and around Johannesburg.

Some spiders are quite harmless but others can give a nasty bite and are extremely dangerous, these should be avoided or controlled at all costs.

Knowledge is always the most important tool in order for us to protect our loved ones, it makes sense to know which spiders can cause the most threat as well as who are the more vulnerable amongst us to spider bites.

Our most Vulnerable people are our Seniors, our young and especially allergenics and those whom have weak immune systems.

Spider Bites & Types

Although spider bites rarely cause death spiders with powerful venom do maim and have extremely painful consequences.

Herewith are some of the spiders Johannesburg should fear the most…

Spiders Johannesburg
Spiders Johannesburg

Sac Spider

No antidote is available for the Sac Spider Venom but antibiotics can be used to treat for infection.

The Sac Spider bites easily and because of this it is arguably the most dangerous spider in South Africa.

Sac spiders are yellow with black heads, their bite resembles that of a flea bite but progresses into a painful ulcer.

Button or Black Widow Spider

Antidote for the button spider Venom is available in South Africa. Seek medical advice immediately! the bite is extremely dangerous and painful and could even be fatal.

The symptoms are “lazy eye”, swollen lips, week muscles, sweating, high blood pressure and severely painful muscles.

Easy identifiable by its red distinctive spot on the abdomen these spiders prefer the outdoors and are often found in dark spots and yes be very careful they love to make a nest inside your outside tap.

Spiders Johannesburg
Spiders Johannesburg

Violin Spider

No antidote is available for the violin spider venom so treatment includes infection prevention and wound care, seek a practitioner immediately.

Violin spider are brown to dark brown and they are about 7 to 12 mm long

Violin spiders love the warm climate in particular and because of global warming we observe more and more violin spider outbreaks.

Baboon Spider

A Baboon spider found in the Western Cape has a venom similar to the Black Widow however bites are extremely rare. A Baboon Spiders’ bite is extremely painful.

Baboon spiders often hide in burrows and under debris such as rocks and twigs.

Spiders Johannesburg
Spiders Johannesburg

Spider Bites

Spiders are one of the most feared home invaders. There are more phobias about spiders than any other pest, and understandably so.

If you get bitten by the wrong spider and you have a bad reaction to the venom you can end up in the hospital and yes there have even been some deaths associated with spiders.

Call Verminator Pest Control Johannesburg to keep spiders at bay with our trusted 6 month guaranteed convenient service.

Verminator Spiders Johannesburg – Control at your Convenience

  • No Odours
  • No Unpacking
  • Bookings within 48 hours
  • Under 60 minute servicing

We have innumerable recurring satisfied clients not only because of the World Class products that we use but also our professional attitude humbly geared towards solving all your pest problems.

Spiders Johannesburg

Spiders Johannesburg

Efficiently Effective:

  • Perfect Eradication Guarantee – 6 months
  • Certified Technicians registered and qualified by the department of agriculture
  • The World most Advanced Products
  • Services under 1 hour
  • Super Rapid Knock downs

Services that’s both ultra efficient and safe – Ground Breaking Pest Control.

Verminator Spiders Johannesburg Control

  • Comfortable Applications
  • No Gasses or Vapours
  • Natural or synthetic
  • Highly targeted products
  • Certified by the department of Agriculture in South Africa, Europe and the US
Spiders Johannesburg
Spiders Johannesburg

Safe for your Kids, Pets and the Environment.

We continually improve by upgrading our spiders Johannesburg services because we believe that we must constantly keep up-to-date with new Environmentally Friendly Technologies and trends that develop locally and internationally, therefore you can be assured that we offer the very best solutions available.



Spiders Johannesburg 8th April 2018
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