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Rodent Eradication

Rodent Eradication ***

Rodent Eradication services that are Fast and Safe. Perfect Rodent Eradication guaranteed. Ultra low toxicity to other mammals and tamper-proof options to sort your rodent problem out as quick and conveniently as possible.

Our services are super easy and convenient…

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Watch our clip on baiting rodents:Rodent Eradication

Indoor Carton Applications:

Rodent Eradication

Children and Pets Keep Away

This is a good option for a once-off rodent breakout that needs quick attention, the roof rat or house mouse can be controlled excellently with this simple but effective method, the rodent eradication expectancy is between 1 to 7 days depending on the severity of the indoor infestation.

Tamper-proof Rodent Bait Stations:

Rodent Eradication

Tamper Proof for children and other animals.

This option is suitable when you have a serial rodent problem or the problem is in a sensitive location and you need to control the situation, Our team will come out and install these stations and load them with lure for the perfect Rodent eradication.

Rodent Eradication

Inside the Tightly Sealed Box

This is especially important for businesses, restaurants churches and warehouses etc. if you wish you could have a service agreement which allows us to service and re-bait your bait station on a regular basis.

Rodent Eradications

Regular Maintenance for Excellent Control and Protection

Watch our short clip on the virus spread by rodents:

Watch our clip on these giant rats:

At Verminator we are happy to serve you just take a look at our reviews on the right of this – we are proud of our services and are confident that you will be pleased with your decision to choose us for your no fuss efficient rodent eradication…These are some of the areas that we cover over the greater Cape Town.

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