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These testimonials are from genuine clients and all messages can be verified.

They are copied and pasted actual reviews from real people. We hope that these testimonials will speak of our gratitude and commitment to our clients and also to convince potential new clients that we are truly bent on becoming the No 1 Pest Control Company in South Africa by constantly and consistently trying out new innovative ways of perfecting our services for you.

Our vision is to be a pest control company South Africans can trust and be proud of. Let us conduct business with integrity and honesty.

Courtesy Email

This is to ensure we did everything according to plan and that our clients were comfortable with our services convenience and efficiency. The professional nature of our technicians and the accuracy of their work.

Second Email – Around 6 weeks after service date (If Necessary)

This message is sent out to confirm the success of our service and to remind our client of our ongoing guaranteed pledge to remain at their side in case of any further possible outbreaks.

We serve around 5000 clients a year and growing. so we will send around 7000 courtesy emails per annum.

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