Ecological Considerate Techniques

Verminator ECT Through trial change and error have we grown and improved with continued development for more efficient tolerances, efficiency is kind to the environment.

Verminator ECT (Ecological Considerate Techniques)

Development since 2007

Verminator ECT is the combination of excellent approved products and accurate specific application treatments. No treatment is the same, each ECT pest control service is unique, for the ant treatments we hold a combination of Lures that have different capabilities.

We treat something like spiders completely differently, our rat treatment is completely distinct from how we treat cockroaches.

Each service is a merit on its own

Verminator ECT – Ecological Considerate Techniques works because pests differ entirely from one another, the success of their species depends upon this, therefore Verminator is a pest control company that truly specializes in the proper control of most Pests in Cape Town.

Our Pest Control Services

Evolution not revolution, Gods created with one Word evolutionarily stages to perfection still continue.

ECT (Ecological Considerate Techniques) is an efficiency that says less is more, and that is the way of saving. Saving not wasting. Evolving to more affordable rates and higher precision applications which takes less time than expensive overkill. We save time for our clients and ourselves. Efficiency and economical like Fanie De Villiers not expensive and wasteful.

Ecologically economical!

Preserving South Africa’s natural beauty for our children.

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