A solitary wasp flying around might be overlooked, however in the event that you have a wasp settlement or nest on your property, it’s certainly time to act! Wasps can be forceful and dangerous to your family, pets or staff, if not controlled they can breed rapidly.

100% Perfect Eradication Guarantee

We know they can sting, yet unlike bees that can sting only once wasps can convey many  stings without dying. A wasp assault can be exceptionally agonizing and can bring about anaphylactic reactions. Disposing of wasp nests is imperative for the safety of your loved ones and staff.

6 Month Guarantee

Verminator will take extreme care of your Wasp infestation by targeting the building perimeter, roof areas or other known wasp nesting areas.

The wasp nests are first flooded with our favourite Eco-friendly pesticides and within minutes the wasps which are present start to submit and are grounded with wet wings, the wasps out harvesting will also die when returning to the nest as our product remains active for up to one year.

This makes it impossible for the wasps to return to the same area but allows us to offer an industry beating 6 month guarantee.

We Remove all the Nests

Once the entire spray application treatment is done we remove and collect all the nests leaving the property protected and safe from wasps.

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