A solitary wasp flying around might be overlooked, however in the event that you have a wasp settlement or nest on your property, it’s certainly time to act! Wasps can be forceful, especially while ensuring their home.

100% Perfect Eradication Guarantee

We know they can sting, yet unlike bees that can sting only once , wasps can convey different stings without dying. A wasp assault can be exceptionally agonising and can bring about anaphylactic reactions. Disposing of wasp nests is imperative for the safety of your family and pets.

9 Month Guarantee

Verminator will take extreme care of you and your family when dealing with a Wasp infestation at your home. The control method is especially subject to the area and size of the home. The roof area or any place outside of the home, we utilise our favourite Eco-friendly pesticides.

We flood the wasps home. Within minutes the wasps have submitted and are dying, the wasps out harvesting will face the same fate when returning to the nest as our product remains active for up to one year, thus making it impossible for the wasps to return and making it possible for us to offer you an industry beating 9 month guarantee.

We Remove all the Nests

After Treatment we remove and collect all the vacated nests surrounding your home or wherever they may be attached to on your property, leaving your home perfect as it was before the wasps arrived.

Lastly we treat in all other potential areas that wasps might try to infiltrate with the same long-lasting but safe for human pesticides. This treatment will bring down the numbers of all other pests we call this treatment an outside barrier spray and is standard for nearly all our services.

Eco-Friendly in product and nature since these Wasps are invasive.

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