We’re Transforming Commercial Pest Control

Important Anouncement: We no longer  offer our pest control services to any catering businesses.

We’re Transforming Commercial Pest Control

Verminator will get rid of your pest problem with a once off service guaranteed! No More Pesky contracts with most services’ just a once off cost with a long term guarantee.

Here we do pest control with a fresh pro-active approach ensuring the job gets done effectively with powerful actions that have proven value.

Our successful pest clearance solutions rely on our expansive experience coupled with just “good ol’ hard work” and world-class products or machinery such as our mobile state-of-the-art heat treatment facility.

Advanced “eco-safe” methods allow that Verminator Pest Controls clients “open hours” remain open for business since vacating is unnecessary during our applications, this keeps costs lower because of no overtime expenses

No Contract Required

For the following services we do not require a service contract:

  • Rodents (indoor treatments) 3 to 6 month guarantee
  • Cockroaches 6 to 12 month guarantee
  • Parasites 3 to 9 month guarantee
  • Crawling insects 3 to 6 month guarantee
  • Spiders 3 to 6 month guarantee
  • Ants 3 to 6 month guarantee
  • Moles 3 to 6 months guarantee
  • Heat Treatments (Ispm 15)

Services Includes:

  1. Once off cost
  2. No vacating except for parasite treatment.
  3. No unpacking
  4. MyVerminator (customer web portal)
  5. Free call outs

Month to Month Contract

We have the following services available with a month to month service agreement:

  • Rodent Control – Rebaiting/Servicing of Rodent Bait Stations
  • Mole control
  • Fly control
  • Standards compliance
  • ISO9001
  • Heat treatment
  • Pre-Emptive Standards Conformity (see below)
  • Recommendations
  • Verminator Intensive Care (VIC)

Services Includes:

  1. No vacating except for parasite treatment.
  2. No unpacking
  3. MyVerminator (customer web portal)
  4. Free call outs
  5. 30 Day notice by either party
  6. Monthly maintenance callouts
  7. Monthly inspection callouts

The purpose of myverminator commercial pest control customer portal is to make service reports more accessible online, reduce the cost of accessing the data of each treatment, streamline administrative processes, improve turnaround times, and strengthen accountability and responsiveness.

Keep up-to-date with all your documents online, check up on your last service report as well as invoices and more..

We recommend an Impromptu pest service not covered by a service agreement when you need it. And to say thank you for your ongoing business we will take 35% off our normal rate, excluding hardware and refills. This is economical because certain pest issues at certain stages are seasonal or only occasional, you could call us out on an ad-hoc basis when needed.

Verminator will fulfill our Commercial pest control obligations for conformity practices for our client’s compliance with many international standards.

  • Hardware placement criteria set out by the control bodies.
  • Automated Callouts
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Products and Protocol
  • On-Site Full Compliance Files incl. on-line facility
  • Sighting Lists
  • Certification and Product
  • MSDS Files
  • Historics
  • Material Usage
  • Time Usage
  • Action Details Et al.