Wood Beetle Boland

Wood Borer Beetle is a serious threat to your biggest investment.

Wood Borer Beetle Boland

The term wood-boring beetle incorporates numerous species and groups of creepy crawlies whose larvae eat and demolish wood.

Wood borer beetle feed on or dead trees. In woodland settings, they are imperative to the ecology for breaking down wood which is critical and essential for decomposition.

Wood Borer Beetle Boland

Wood Borer Beetle Treatment

Danger to homes with timber framework

They are likewise dangerous for homes that have timber framework.

Wood Borer beetle infestations in homes are identified by their dead bodies, flight holes, frass (fine saw dust) and faeces.

Wood Borer Beetle Overview

Wood Borer Beetles are ordinarily identified a couple of years after the first infestation. The timber supply may have contained wood contaminated with insect eggs or hatch-lings, and since bug life cycles can take years, it can take years before the infestation is recognised.

Not all Wood Borer Beetle Needs Treatment

In the event that you suspect that you have an infestation of wood borers, it is best to counsel expert advise from an exterminator such as Verminator. Not all borers need treatment.

Poor ventilation and high moisture areas are often associated with borer infestations

Furniture ought to be expelled from the house before the infestation spreads.

Strategies for treatment include:

  • Spot use of pesticides by guaranteed experts.
  • Invaded furniture might be wrapped in plastic and put in freezers for a few weeks.
  • Fumigation.
  • Heat Treatment.

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Verminator Wood Borer Beetles Boland

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