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Wood Borer Beetle is a serious threat to your biggest investment.
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Verminator Wood Borer Treatment Cape Town

Verminator Wood Borer Treatment Cape Town is a world-class service exterminating wood borer pests and other wood-destroying organisms for dwellings and furniture in the Western Cape.

Prompt action is required to treat wood borer to stop further harm to a building's structural integrity.

For ISPM 15, Silos and other industrial fumigation applications, CLICK HERE for more info.

Eco Friendly Pest Control

Established in Cape Town in 2007, we have been at the forefront when it comes to environmentally friendly pest control.

4 Easy Steps to Control Wood Borer

  1. Contact us: If you find wood powder at your property or holes in your timber or wood structure, this is usually a sure sign that woodworm is present on your property. Call Verminator Wood Borer Treatment Cape Town at 087 702 9798 to book a free assessment with us today.
  2. Assessment: Once we have completed our inspection, we will go through everything we believe needs to be done and handled with you in detail. Depending on the procedure, we can remedy the situation safely and comprehensively.
  3. Treatment: Upon receiving your consent, we will treat the wood to eradicate the wood borer or replace the infected wood. 
  4. Aftercare: All Wood Borer Treatment Cape Town treatments will destroy the beetle at all life stages.

Wood Borer Cape Town Solutions

Our Wood Borer Treatment Cape Town Solutions consists of several options detailed below.

We do building fumigation and constructions or sub-construction of a carpentry structure, including roof trusses, wooden floors, ceilings, and cabinets, when required as part of our Wood Borer Treatment Cape Town services.

Fumigation of other items, such as expensive wooden furniture or heirlooms, is also available.

While it is occasionally necessary to replace wood, a wood treatment often solves the issue and shields the wood from further infestations. After we take care of a wood borer issue, we guarantee ongoing protection to prevent a recurrence.

Methyl Bromide Fumigations:

Only certified experts may do lethal fumigation treatments such as Methyl Bromide, which will effectively penetrate the wood deep enough to eradicate the woodborer. They will seal off the property appropriately, following all the safety procedures by https://www.dalrrd.gov.za/. Call Verminator Wood Borer Treatment Cape Town today when you need a Wood Borer fumigation.

timber replacement services

Timber replacement service:

We can treat borer-infested timber, but it may require replacing if the wood is significantly compromised.

timber surface treatments

Timber Surface Treatments:

The only treatment effective against borer over the long term is an application of an insecticide or preservative-treated on the timber surface.

methyl bromide fumigations

Other Fumigations:

Fumigation treatments (such as bombing, spraying, or fogging) will only kill the beetle adults in the treatment area. They will not prevent the borer worm already inside the timber from consuming the wood from the inside.

Wood Borer Facts

The term wood boring beetle incorporates numerous species and groups of creepy crawlies whose larvae eat and demolish wood.

Wood borer beetle feed on dead trees. In woodland settings, they are imperative to the ecology for breaking down wood which is critical and essential for decomposition.

As their name implies, wood beetle worms are generally seen tunneling inside the wood. The larvae, which are still present in the wood at this stage of development, stay there until they have fully evolved into beetles. Most of the time, female insects lay their eggs on logs or raw wood.

These eggs develop into woodworm larvae that can stay latent for three years.

Once they have reached their adult stage, they emerge from the wood and seek out other beetles with which to mate.

Call Verminator Wood Borer Treatment Cape Town at 087 702 9798 to book a free assessment with us today.

Wood Borer Treatment Cape Town

Signs of Wood Borer Infestation

Finding an infestation of woodworms might be challenging. 

There are, however, a few telltale indicators that assist you in deciding whether or not your home has these unwanted guests. 

Small tunnels and tiny holes (flight holes) in the wood are unmistakable evidence that your property has woodboring worms, as are wood powder (frass) with little flecks of dark faeces accumulating around the wood.

The lifespan of certain species of wood beetle can last many years. If Borer beetles contaminate the wood supply with insect eggs or larvae, it may take years to detect an infestation.

The wood tends to become brittle; in certain circumstances, you may even be able to tread through the floor timbers. 

If you discover any of these signs on your property, call Verminator Wood Borer Treatment Cape Town at 087 702 9798 to book a free assessment with us today.

Wood Borer Flight Holes

This antique table's shoulder has flight holes indicating borer beetle infestation.

Weel worked timber showing multiple flight holes

Flight holes in well-worked wood make it light and spongy and reduce its structural strength.

Borer frass

Borer frass coming from the skirting and accumulated on the tiled floor.

Borer Frass on wooden floor

Wood Borer powder by the table foot and floor, a hollow sound when tapping the wood, and sponginess are indicators.

Beetle Compliance Certificates:

In South African coastal regions, there is a high population of the wood borer beetle. 

A beetle certificate is often necessary for accordance with the conditions of the Offer to Purchase (OTP), even though this is not a legal requirement.

Even if an OTP does not require a beetle certificate, the financial institution supporting the property sale could insist on having one to protect their investment.

What exactly is the function of a certificate of a beetle?

Suppose a seller is aware of a beetle infestation. In that case, the law requires them to notify the buyer even where the OTP does not expressly state that a beetle certificate is necessary. 

The voetstoots clause will not change this, and a vendor who fails to provide this information will face serious consequences.

The woodborer beetle has the potential to do severe damage to the structural soundness of a structure; this deterioration is not evident right away. Consequently, purchasers are protected and allowed to acquire a new residence with a clear conscience, thanks to the compliance certificate.

A certificate for beetles is not the same as a certificate for pest control. The OTP will indicate which beetles should be covered by the necessary certification, and the insects included on the certificate will differ depending on the area.

The beetle certificate usually covers the following beetles.

  • Anobium Punctatum (furniture beetle)
  • Hylotrupes Bajules 
  • Oxyplerus Nodieri

Call Verminator Wood Borer Treatment Cape Town at 087 702 9798 to book a free assessment with us today.

Wood Borer Treatment Cape Town

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