ZEUS – The starry eyed owl

At Verminator Pest Control Cape Town we take interest in all creature especially fellow Pest Controllers like owls…please read on about this special partner.

Can you imagine being a natural predator, where the skill of catching your prey depends critically on your razor-sharp vision, is taken away by your loss of sight? Let me introduce you to a very special owl named Zeus that has the most gorgeous, glossy, starry eyes and is blind. His condition is known as Capsular Cataract, which produces unique flecks caused by fibrin/blood pigment clots.

Verminator PCCT, ZEUS – The starry eyed owl blind but still nature’s own potent rat controller. Pic credit by Wildlife Learning Center

We came to find out about this amazing creature when he flew in to a wall and was found on someone’s porch in Southern California in 2014. After a trip to the local veterinary the reason for his accident was realized. When it was clear that due to his lack of sight he would be unable to fend for himself in the wild, as he only has 10% eye sight, he was taken in for permanent residence at the Wildlife Learning Center situated in Sylmar, California, where a team of dedicated animal lovers at the center nursed him back to health. There he was aptly named Zeus (Greek god of the sky).

In comparison to other owls who live in the wild, this Western Screech Owl has a very friendly nature, big personality and loves having people around him. All who visit the center are delighted to meet him not only because of his starry eyes but also due to the peaceful nature he exudes. Even by looking in to his eyes you will notice the difference between his nonchalant “how do you do?” and the predatory glare of other wild owls.

The Director of Wildlife Learning Center David Riherd, started a campaign on gofundme.com in August 2014 to build an onsite veterinary suite to provide the specialized care that Zeus needs, as this will also avoid the stress and trauma of transporting him to and from an offsite veterinary clinic. Funds were raised for Zeus but not sufficient to reach their goal. Donations can still be made for Zeus by going on to their website Wildlife Learning Center. You may scroll down to the bottom of their page and make your payment by clicking the Donate icon.