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As a resident of Cape Town, you may have noticed the presence of moles in your garden or lawn.

These underground creatures can be quite a nuisance, causing extensive damage to your property and making it difficult to maintain a beautiful yard. Fortunately, Verminator Mole Control offers a reliable and effective solution to address this problem.

There are many benefits to using Verminator for your mole problem.

First and foremost, our service is adequate. We have a proven track record of successfully removing moles from properties in Cape Town.

Additionally, our service is safe and humane. We use only the most effective and eco-friendly methods to remove moles from your property without causing harm to other animals or the environment.

Finally, our service is affordable. We offer competitive pricing and will work with you to find a solution that fits your budget.

How Verminator Mole Control Works

Our process for mole killing begins with a thorough inspection of your property. We look for signs of mole activity, such as raised tunnels and mounds of dirt. Once we have identified the problem areas, we use a combination of traps and repellents to remove the moles from your property.

We use only the highest quality products that are safe for your family and pets.

Different Types of Moles Found in Cape Town

The Cape Golden mole and the Dune mole are the two species of mole that can be found in the greatest abundance in Cape Town.

The Cape Golden mole is a little animal thats upper section of its body is a golden or brownish-yellow tint. Its huge front paws, which it uses to dig tunnels below, give it its common name.

The dune mole, on the other hand, is of a little larger size and has a body that is shaped more like a cylinder.

The Cape Golden mole consumes the majority of its food in the form of insects, but the Dune mole is a herbivore that feeds on the bulbs and roots of plants.

Understanding the Damage Caused by Moles

Moles are well-known for their capacity to construct complex tunnel networks beneath the ground.

Even while these tunnels are beautiful to look at, the harm they inflict to your home can be severe.

Moles can cause harm to the roots of trees and plants, as well as build unattractive mounds of soil in your yard, all of which they can uproot. They also attract snakes and rodents, both of which are bad for your property as well as your family and your pets.

Benefits of Using Verminator Mole Control

When it comes to dealing with your mole problem, using Verminator Mole Control can provide you with a number of advantages.

In the first place, the quality of our service is satisfactory. We have a solid track record of eliminating moles from properties in Cape Town, as evidenced by our previous work. In addition, our service is both safe and kind to the customer.

We will remove moles from your property using only the methods that have been proven to be the most effective while also being kind to the environment.

This will ensure that no other animals or the natural environment are harmed in the process.

Last but not least, our service is very reasonable in price. We are able to provide you with competitive pricing, and we are willing to work with you to find a solution that is within your financial means

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A closer look into Cape Town's common Moles

Cape Golden Moles

Cape Golden Moles are small, burrowing mammals native to South Africa, including Cape Town. They have golden-yellow fur and long, sharp claws that allow them to dig through the soil quickly.Cape Golden Moles are insectivorous, feeding mainly on earthworms, termites, and ants. They have a high metabolic rate and must eat frequently to maintain their energy levels.This species of mole is solitary and territorial, only coming together to mate. Females give birth to litters of 1-4 young after a gestation period of about 60 days.While Cape Golden Moles are not considered endangered, their habitat is under threat from human development and agriculture. Conservation measures, such as protecting their natural habitats, are being implemented to ensure their survival.

Dune Moles

Cape Town is home to a fascinating creature known as the dune mole. These small mammals are found in the sandy dunes along the coast and are known for their unique environmental adaptations. Dune moles have a cylindrical body shape and short, powerful legs that allow them to move quickly through the sand. They also have a specialized skull structure that enables them to dig efficiently and navigate through the complex network of tunnels they create. Despite their small size, dune moles are essential to their ecosystem. They help to aerate the soil and create channels for water to flow through, which can be crucial for the survival of other plants and animals in the area. Unfortunately, dune moles face habitat loss threats and human development along the coast. Conservation efforts are underway to protect these fascinating creatures and ensure their survival for future generations.


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